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The Only Domestic Violence Organization in Bucks County.

As the only domestic violence organization in Bucks County, PA, A Woman's Place (AWP) provides comprehensive free, private, and confidential service, support, education, outreach, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and their children and the community. We are committed to the empowerment of women and to ending intimate and domestic violence for all. To learn more, explore the menu items at the top of the page, or, for general information, please email or call 215.343.9241.

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Latest from the Blog

  • National Women's Equality Day

    In history class, there was always one topic that stood out to me, as I’m sure it stood out to many others. No matter what time period was being discussed, women always had to fight for equality.

  • International Youth Day (August 12, 2015)

    My name is Carole-Ann Filiatreault, and I have been a volunteer at A Woman’s Place (AWP) for about two years now. It was back in 11th grade when my passion for helping women and my feminist side really started shinning.

  • Finding Peace

    On July 1, 2015 I began my tenure as President of A Woman’s Place (AWP) Board of Directors. July 1, 2015 was also the day my dad died. A tremendous loss and also a time to reflect on the man he was and the legacy he left behind.

  • Friendship

    This Sunday is National Friendship Day. It began as a Hallmark Holiday, but we rarely give or receive appreciation cards from friends. Nowadays we post a picture with our best friends on Instagram, with the hash tag #NationalFriendshipDay. Either way, today we should think, “What does friendship mean to me, and where would I be without my friends?”

  • Lest We Forget

    I am a year-round reader, but I especially love passing a sunny summer’s day with a book in my hands and sand under my feet. I read all kinds of books – mysteries, autobiographies, memoirs, crime fiction, “chick-lit”.


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