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The Only Domestic Violence Organization in Bucks County.

As the only domestic violence organization in Bucks County, PA, A Woman's Place (AWP) provides comprehensive free, private, and confidential service, support, education, outreach, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence and their children and the community. We are committed to the empowerment of women and to ending intimate and domestic violence for all. To learn more, explore the menu items at the top of the page, or, for general information, please email or call 215.343.9241.

Coach Bag BIngo - March 14

They say the second time is the charm and we sure hope so with our Coach Bag Bingo new date of March 14! Purchase your tickets and join us for a fun filled evening, from the moment you go through the doors at Keenan Motors, with the tunes of DJ Banana greeting you, to the excitement of calling out B-I-N-G-O and winning one of our beautiful Coach and Michael Kors bags, it is a great time for all for a great cause. More information and ticket purchase here.

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Latest from the Blog

  • Women and History

    In 1981, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Rep. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) co-sponsored a joint Congressional resolution proclaiming a national Women’s History Week. In 1987, Congress expanded the celebration to a month, and March was declared Women’s History Month.

  • Live Long and Prosper

    Okay, I admit it. I’m a Trekkie. Have been ever since the age of 10 when I stayed at my granny’s house over summer vacation. She had the first color TV that I’d ever seen and the local network played reruns of the original Star Trek series.

  • Why Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Matters

    As a young teen in my first year of high school, there is a lot of ignorance that goes around that makes me really think… whether it’s overhearing a conversation or it’s happening right in front of my face.

  • Be Your Own Valentine

    How many times have I not heard “he swept me off my feet” or “he was so sweet, the best thing that ever happened to me” or “I fell in love instantly.”

  • I Like My Beer...

    Someone recently told me “there are always two sides to the story” referring to me telling the story of how I was treated in my abusive marriage.

  • Standing for Super Bowl Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday is almost upon us. (As I type this, the online Countdown to Kickoff tells me there are 4 days 8 hours 14 minutes and 46 seconds remaining.) In terms of most-watched programs in American television history, Super Bowls are right up there. It is literally a defining moment in history.

  • The Generosity Marketplace

    As 2015 got underway, A Woman’s Place (AWP) announced a new alliance with another organization serving people in need in our community: the Coalition to Shelter and Support the Homeless (CSSH).

  • Would you?

    This past week, as a relatively new staff member at A Woman’s Place (AWP), I attended five full days of Direct Service Training.

  • I'm In This Room With You

    I was in my college computer lab, logged into my personal email account, composing an email. When I looked up at what I had written I saw the word “Hi” in the body of the email,instead of what I had typed.

  • Short and Sweet

    As December was winding down, I was on the lookout for a simple New Year’s Resolution.