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A Woman's Place (AWP) hotline 1-800-220-8116, is available to anyone 24-hours a day.
The hotline is free, private, and confidential. 


School Programs

Programs presented at elementary, middle, and high schools throughout Bucks County include important social-emotional learning to develop healthy relationships. Our awareness and prevention programs hope to stop the issue of relationship violence before it starts. 

For Elementary Schools

Peace Works and Choose Kind are two programs designed to provide elementary school students with information and skills for recognizing, building, and maintaining healthy relationships. With our 45-minute interactive in-class program Peace Works (grades 4-5), and three weeks with Choose Kind (grade 6), A Woman's Place (AWP) Community Educators will explore with students various concepts relating to this overall theme. Concepts include:

  • Healthy friendships & relationships
  • Embracing diversity
  • Building self-esteem and practicing self-love
  • Healthy styles of communication
  • Cooperation
  • Establishing & respecting boundaries
  • Contributing to the community

For Middle & High Schools

AWP Community Educators lead programs with middle and high school students that focus on applying healthy relationship skills to pre-teen and teenage relationships. Through a blend of discussion, interactive activities, videos, and stories, these programs raise awareness about the issue of dating violence and its impact on kids, families, and communities, as well as the resources and options available to students experiencing abuse or violence in their relationships, friendships, and online platforms.

For Parents & Educators

AWP offers a dating violence awareness and prevention program geared toward parents and educators working with youth & teens. Through videos, discussion, and interactive activities, school staff, parents, and other community adults will gain a clearer understanding of the dynamics of abusive relationships - including early warning signs - and team intervention strategies to promote safer dating.

For more information or to schedule a program in your school, contact:
Community Educator, Jasmine Craig at


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