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A Woman's Place (AWP) hotline 1-800-220-8116, is available to anyone 24-hours a day.
The hotline is free, private, and confidential. 

In order for everyone to feel safe, respected, and valued in their relationships, it is essential for all of us to know the difference between healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships. Take a look at the signs below, and reach out to AWP's 24-hour Hotline (1.800.220.8116) anytime you have a question or concern about your relationship or about the relationship of a loved one.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy relationships bring out the best in each person, and they are rooted in the following:

  • Open Communication
  • Respect
  • Honesty & Accountability
  • Intimacy & Physical Affection
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Trust & Support
  • Fairness & Negotiation

Click on the Equality Wheel to view a helpful visual of all of the elements of a healthy relationship.

Source: National Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Signs of an Unhealthy or Abusive Relationship

Abuse is rooted in power and control. It is one partner needing to intimidate, dominate, overpower and control the other partner. Abuse can take many forms, including:

  • Using Harmful Language
  • Using Social Standing
  • Using Technology
  • Using Intimidation
  • Minimizing, Denying, or Blaming
  • Using Threats
  • Sexual Coercion, Harassment, or Assault
  • Exclusion
  • Using Physical Violence

Click on the Power & Control Wheel for a helpful visual of the various abusive tactics that many survivors experience.

Source: Family Violence Prevention Fund

Everyone deserves to feel safe, respected, and valued in their relationships. If you are noticing any unhealthy or abusive behaviors in your relationship, don't ignore it. Trust your instincts, reach out for support, and know that A Woman's Place is always here for you.

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