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A Woman's Place (AWP) hotline 1-800-220-8116, is available to anyone 24-hours a day.
The hotline is free, private, and confidential. 

A Woman's Place (AWP) works tirelessly to have victims of domestic violence safer in their homes.  In order to accomplish this we have developed strong community partnerships which hold perpetrators accountable for their violent actions.  To accomplish this, AWP has partnered with law enforcement and the judicial system to provide training and education to officers, court personnel, probation/parole officers, and attorneys. 

Specialized Training Areas: 

First Response Training – Advocates provide officers with information on AWP’s First Response Team.  First Response advocates provide 24 hour in-person response for domestic violence victims at the time of an incident.  This critical response team provides victims with immediate crisis counseling, safety options, support, and resources.  This service not only benefits victims, but assists officers by providing the immediate emotional support victims often need.  

Domestic Violence Fatality Review – Law enforcement and judicial systems receive education and information regarding in-depth reviews that were conducted into domestic-related homicides that occurred in Bucks County.  Officers learn about the commonalities between the homicides, which lays the basis for the creation and implementation of the Risk Assessment Tool.

Risk Assessment Tool - Law Enforcement Officers receive training by AWP staff on how to ask domestic violence victims, at the time of any incident, a series of questions, which assist the officer in assessing the potential lethality the victim may be facing. This training also highlights how the Risk Assessment Tool also provides valuable information which may serve to enhance an officer's safety.

Bucks County Domestic Abuse Protocol – A multidisciplinary team trains law enforcement and members of the judicial system on recommended policies and procedures to be used in the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases throughout Bucks County, thereby establishing a coordinated response to domestic violence.  The intention is to protect victims of domestic violence by stressing the importance of holding batterers accountable. 

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