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Health Care

“I once lived without a voice and in fear for my life. But then a nurse gave me a card, which I kept for a few years before I finally had the courage to call for help. I can’t change the past, but now I will create my future without domestic violence.” A Woman's Place Client, Writer, Mover-and-Shaker

Considering that an estimated 37% of women seeking care for violence-related injuries have been hurt by their significant other1,  A Woman’s Place (AWP) is proud to partner with Bucks County health care facilities to create a safe, comfortable, and confidential way for individuals to access AWP services through our Medical Advocacy Project (MAP).  The Prevention Project offers training opportunities for health care professionals to understand the dynamics of abusive relationships, recognize potential indicators of abuse in their patients, learn how to effectively screen for domestic violence (DV), and practice how to appropriately respond to disclosures of DV.

For more information or to schedule a medical training, contact Education and Outreach Manager Jen Hinds at 215.343.9241 x117 or JHinds@awomansplace.org​.

1 Rand, Michael R. 1997. Violence-related Injuries Treated in Hospital Emergency Departments. U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Washington, DC.