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Blog Archive

  • Writing Our Path

    As a former High School and Middle School teacher, nearly life-long Bucks County resident, and believer in the power of woman, The Empowerment Project workshop series Writing our Path speaks to me.

  • Security and Success

    “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” ― Albert Einstein

  • Making Impressions

    f you read my #LikeAGirl blog post last week, you know that I’m paying more attention to what I do throughout my day #LikeAGirl.

  • Freedom

    What does Freedom look like for a survivor of Domestic Abuse?

  • #LikeAGirl

    It’s not every day that pantiliners make me think… but I confess that watching this video has me thinking of all the things that I do #LikeAGirl.

  • Get Empowered & Stay Empowered

    As part of our commitment, AWP has launched an exciting new program called, The Empowerment Project. The Empowerment Project encompasses many programs.

  • 100% Success — What Could It Look Like?

    The following is a transcript of remarks delivered at the 2014 Annual Breakfast & Community Recognition Ceremony on May 22, 2014. So…this is my second Annual Breakfast as executive director at A Woman’s Place. Since we were last gathered together here..

  • Bright, Bold, Beautiful & Brand New

    Many months ago, the quest to re-do our website began. As the Communications Manager for A Woman’s Place (AWP), it was my responsibility to explore the possibilities. Domestic violence is a tough subject...Continue reading

  • The He-She Unicorn

    I spend a lot of time working with Bucks County children, and the truth is that a move toward peace and positive change really is going to start with them.  If they refuse to give violence a place to grow, … Continue reading

  • A Problem…In Perfect

    What would you give up to be perfect? “A PROBLEM Is really just a solution in need of a reason to exist. If you think about it, LIFE would be kind of boring if it were completely free of friction. … Continue reading

  • Dine Out & Do Good

    Don’t feel like cooking? We’ve got you covered! Join A Woman’s Place (AWP) at these two fabulous events and enjoy great food, drinks, and people – all the while making a difference in your community. The best part is no … Continue reading

  • So Much Pride!

    June is Pride Month, a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all of the wonderful contributions and achievements of the LGBTQA community. It is also an important time to focus in on the issues that impact the LGBTQA community, as well as what … Continue reading

  • Unvoiced Desires

    “As girls become the carriers of unvoiced desires and unrealized possibilities, they are inevitably placed at considerable risk and even in danger.” - Carol Gilligan, In a Different Voice In general, being an adolescent is really complicated and emotional. It is … Continue reading

  • Teeming with Teens

    The last couple weeks of my life have been full of teens. I’m driving them, talking to them, listening to them, building programs for them… you name it. And, I have to tell you, I am excited. (Full disclosure: I … Continue reading

  • Not Stacking Up To Your Friends? That’s OK.

    Comparing ourselves to others isn’t a recent phenomenon — it’s part of our culture. Just think about it: As soon as we’re able to form thoughts and opinions, we start comparing. Who’s taller? Who’s better at sports? Who has more … Continue reading

  • Some Words from a Sage

    I am 80 years young. At the time of my 40th birthday, I commented to my 87 year oldfather that I was getting old, he replied, “You’re just a baby, and don’t ever forget…always keep moving”.  I have never forgotten that … Continue reading

  • Who’s in the Frame?

    Last week in my blog (click here to read #BringBackOurGirls) I asked a question. In the spirit of changing the world by changing the questions, what is the right question. What question might we ask to bring out the best … Continue reading

  • Turning Frowns Upside Down

    It’s Older American’s and Teen Self-Esteem Month. What do those two have in common? For me they are central to my life, and my story of a special older american and how she impacted me. When I was thirteen years … Continue reading

  • #BringBackOurGirls

    I am Nigerian. My father was born in Nigeria. He worked hard and was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to travel to the United States for his college education. He met my mother… and the rest is history. … Continue reading

  • Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.

    Old, what does that mean? What is your definition for it? I am fast approaching the BIG 60, and as much as I really haven’t felt “old” so far in my 59+ years, except for occasional memory loss (standing in the … Continue reading

  • Reflecting on the Power of We

    Imagine you are feeling run down. You are tired, congested, achy, and just exhausted. Your body is in pain. The more your body feels compromised, so does your spirit. You can imagine just staying in bed forever and not caring … Continue reading

  • What’cha Doin?

    A typical day for A Woman’s Place (AWP) First Response starts with staff discussing what they have going on that day. What courts they will be going to if the case is not continued last minute, what clients they will … Continue reading

  • Living Life to Its Fullest

    One might not expect that the strong, deep voice heard at Full Circle Thrift twice weekly actually belongs to volunteer Jane Gallen, a diminutive but always dynamic octogenarian. Jane is a lifelong volunteer and has been with us for 20 … Continue reading

  • A Case of {Marvelous} Mondays

    Most people dread Mondays.  Back to work, back to school, back to the grind…and right back where you started 7 days earlier, with 5 whole days standing between you and the weekend.  I used to be one of those people (ok, … Continue reading

  • You’re My Neighbor

    It’s Volunteer Appreciation Month and we at A Woman’s Place (AWP) are extremely grateful for all our volunteers. We envision a society where all individuals are safe in their relationships and can flourish, and our dedicated volunteers are essential in helping … Continue reading