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Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB)

Every donation makes a difference! 

AWP's Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB) is kicking off their first annual 5-for-5 Fundraiser for Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Each member of YAAB is asking 5 different people to make a donation of $5, and these individuals are then asked to “pay it forward” by asking 5 more people, creating a ripple effect of generosity & support. Proceeds benefit clients & programs of A Woman's Place, as well as future projects of YAAB.

Click HERE to make a secure donation, and please share the link with 5 others!

"I signed up for YAAB because I think it's a great cause and a great way to get involved and give back to the community. I love the idea of having a voice in something at such a young age, especially with an issue that affects so many people worldwide. I hope to make a difference with someone, somewhere in the community, and hope to gain experience with working in a group and seeing the lives of others." -Bucks County 11th grade student and YAAB member

A Woman's Place (AWP) Young Adult Advisory Board (YAAB) is a group of passionate and creative youth leaders dedicated to raising awareness about dating violence among their peers and helping AWP create a safer Bucks County.  They do this by informing decision-making at AWP and working alongside staff to plan various awareness campaigns, events, and speaking engagements, including AWP’s Annual Breakfast & Community Recognition Ceremony.

Members work independently to meet goals throughout each month and prepare for a monthly meeting during which all members will share what they’ve been working on, brainstorm future projects together, and learn more about the inner workings of nonprofits like AWP.  This is a great leadership opportunity, and despite the seriousness of this topic, a fun way to work together with teens across Bucks County!

For more information or to sign up for YAAB, contact Community Educator, Kristen Kane, at 443-593-9839 or Kkane@awomansplace.org.