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Allison's 50th Birthday

Hip Hip Hooray - It's Allison's 50th Birthday!!!


First , this is a SURPRISE, so please don't spill the beans!!  As an important gift to Allison, we are hoping that 50 friends and family will donate $50 each to A Woman's Place - a cause that Allison holds close to her heart.  We will compile your donations and make a presentation to AWP on Allison's birthday.

As you know, Allison has devoted most of her life to important nonprofit causes, so you know how much she will appreciate your support of this one!

Thank you for your love and support, and for making an important difference in the lives of people across Bucks County.  Allison will be so appreciative and SURPRISED!  If you have any questions, please reach out to David at davidchowe@comcast.net.

Thanks from the bottom of her heart, and to donate in Allison's name, click the heart below to make a donation. Once you are on the donation page, please fill in the In Honor Of field with "for Allison Howe's 50th"