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Aditya's Benefit Show

Aditya Gunturi Presents Swara Samarpanam an Indian Classical Music Concert

A Woman's Place is very proud to celebrate one of our most dedicated teen volunteers, Aditya Gunturi as he makes his vocal debut in his upcoming Indian Classical Music Concert. Aditya has been a committed volunteer of A Woman's Place, helping our organization to raise awareness and provide services for survivors of domestic violence in our community. We were honored to be selected as the beneficiary of Aditya's upcoming concert! We asked Aditya to say a few words about why he decided to dedicate the proceeds from this performance to AWP, and his answer speaks volumes:

Volunteering helps connect to the community, raise living standards for the unprivileged, and foster goodwill. As you are already aware, small actions by many people can create a great impact. Therefore, I would like to make my vocal performance debut, an important milestone of my music life, into another opportunity to spread awareness of AWP within my community. My agenda is similar to the goals I had as a Boy Scout. I strove to bring awareness of the importance of building healthy relationships with others while living together and growing up – eventually learning to mutually respect to each other and thus building loving homes and caring communities.