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Blog Archive

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy

    Social media can be a very harmful place when it comes to controversial videos. One video in particular shows an 18 year-old girl, Romina Garcia, saying, ”If your boyfriend hits you or beats you up, stay with him. He loves you, because he’s risking for you to press charges on him, calling the police — a guy that’s willing to do that for a girl, that’s amazing.”

  • Stay Safe on Campus and Beyond

    Fall for college students usually means notebooks with no torn pages, textbook purchases that teach you to appreciate the value of a dollar, and planners waiting to be filled with assignments. There is a palpable sense of renewal and anticipation for what the year has in store.

  • Man Power

    “If the mind can heal the body, but the body cannot heal the mind, then the mind must be stronger than the body.”
    My head dips slightly below my shoulders as I lean over resting my hands on my knees. Sweat pours down my body plunging to the ground like raindrops. I am breathless.

  • I Love My Gut

    Over the past two years I have gained approximately 45 pounds, but this post isn’t about my weight or my clothing size. It’s about my gut.

  • In the name of Safety

    Feeling safe is one of our most basic needs. We unknowingly strive for it. We don’t think about it when we are safe, just when we are not. It is said that when we do not feel safe; well-being cannot fully happen.

  • National Women's Equality Day

    In history class, there was always one topic that stood out to me, as I’m sure it stood out to many others. No matter what time period was being discussed, women always had to fight for equality.

  • International Youth Day (August 12, 2015)

    My name is Carole-Ann Filiatreault, and I have been a volunteer at A Woman’s Place (AWP) for about two years now. It was back in 11th grade when my passion for helping women and my feminist side really started shinning.

  • Finding Peace

    On July 1, 2015 I began my tenure as President of A Woman’s Place (AWP) Board of Directors. July 1, 2015 was also the day my dad died. A tremendous loss and also a time to reflect on the man he was and the legacy he left behind.

  • Friendship

    This Sunday is National Friendship Day. It began as a Hallmark Holiday, but we rarely give or receive appreciation cards from friends. Nowadays we post a picture with our best friends on Instagram, with the hash tag #NationalFriendshipDay. Either way, today we should think, “What does friendship mean to me, and where would I be without my friends?”

  • Lest We Forget

    I am a year-round reader, but I especially love passing a sunny summer’s day with a book in my hands and sand under my feet. I read all kinds of books – mysteries, autobiographies, memoirs, crime fiction, “chick-lit”.

  • Reflections

    From the time I was old enough to understand her, I remember my mother repeating these ideas to me over and over until they were drilled into my head:
    -You are a good person
    -You may make bad decisions sometimes, but you are still a good person
    -No one has the right to make you feel like you are less than them

  • Bucks Women Urge Compromise

    The General Assembly in Harrisburg needlessly wasted a lot of valuable time over the last four months passing a budget in the waning days of the fiscal year that Members knew was destined for the governor’s trash can. Those were critical days that legislators and the governor should have used to talk through their differences and reach a compromise.

  • No Client Left Behind

    Each year during the month of June, Gay Pride Month is celebrated across the country. It is a time to recognize the accomplishments, challenges, and future goals of the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Questioning (LGBTQ) community.

  • Free Being Me

    A wall of teal green vests and colorful badges stands firm in the center of the room. It is formed by a group of girl scouts who are linked arm and arm.

  • Shoe Heels, Don't Bother Me!

    Each September while I was in elementary school, my mom would take my older sister and I back-to-school shopping. This consisted of typical errands, stopping to get folders, pens, pencils etc. We would spend the whole day getting organized for the upcoming year, making sure my pencil case and backpack fit the third grade aesthetic I was going for.

  • Beyond Boundaries

    Just over a week ago, my family and I road tripped down to Williamsburg, Virginia to cheer on my older sister Charlotte as she graduated from the College of William and Mary.

  • Silent Epidemic

    People have always been afraid of the unknown. Most of us avoid risk for the uncertainty of its outcome. When it comes to witnessing domestic violence, we often stay silent for that very reason.

  • Imagine Me Without You

    Me without You…
    is like a peaceful nap without interruption.
    a government without corruption.

  • How Did I Get Here?

    When it comes to domestic violence, I have known several women who have said things like “I would just leave,” or “if you choose to stay, then you choose to be abused,” or “my brother/dad/guy friends would put an end to that.” I was one of these women. No way. Not me.

  • Pinwheels

    I remember my childlike amusement with this neon green pinwheel that my mom bought for me one summer. Opening up my window, I would watch it spin through endless flickering revolutions.

  • T-H-A-N-K-S!

    “I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” Spoken originally by William Shakespeare and certainly felt by AWP staff and clients each day, these words cannot be expressed nearly enough to our selflessly dedicated volunteers.

  • In Memory of Nicole

    Living in peaceful Bucks County, yet I find myself saying, “I know someone who was murdered.”

  • All You Need Is Love

    Love is generally the source of good in our lives: it motivates us, it comforts us, and it heals us, among many other things. But, in the instances where abuse is present in a relationship, love can keep us trapped.

  • Paws Down

    Who would have thought that my slobbery, four-pawed, velvet-eared, 95-pound canine would have more friends than me? The truth is, Tucker, my six-year-old golden retriever, is on the brink of becoming a full blown local celebrity.

  • When It Comes To Domestic Violence, Prevention Starts With You!

    The elevator doors open and I can hear a couple arguing from down the hall. As I scramble to recover the house keys, I realize the shouting match is coming from my apartment. It’s my roommate and her boyfriend going at it again.